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Costa Blanca (South) & Vega Baja

Past Events

Guadalest Museum & Drive

We met at La Torre Hotel Los Montesinos for an early start we used fairly main roads to get us on our way to the coffee stop where we were joined by more members who chose to meet us there, after the refreshments we were off on our way, this time through the mountains La Nucia and Polop as we wound our way through to our Restaurant just before you arrive in Guadalest itself. We were treated to the main Museum then into lunch, this was a typical Spanish meal with set menu bread 2 starters followed by nearly a whole chicken each from the BBQ. All now very full we were then treated to the PRIVATE collection and workshop under the main museum where we saw the Renault Dophine  Gordini fully restored by club member Joaquin,and many others in various stages of restoration, all this was made available through our club secretary Bob who put together the drive and our visit to the workshop arranged by Bob’s friend Joaquin. Our thanks to them for all their hard work in putting this together for 37 members and 2 Guests.

Visit to Hondon Bodega and Drive

We all met to start this drive to Hondon at the old Meroil service station, we then all set off for the drive to the Bodega visit. Once we’d had look at all the memorabilia and all the wine on offer we all went to the village for coffee, suitably refreshed ( and when our group finally found our way out of the village )we then set of for about an hour drive through the almond blossom and country farms and villages towards our lunch , I think the Spanish lunch could be described as ‘interesting’ but that is what our little adventures are, they are new experiences. However this just made our day out organized by Chris & Angie all the more memorable. Thanks to them for this lovely day out in our cars

As has now become the norm ( Ian won mine, Roger won Ian’s) Roger and Ann-Marie, with help from Dukie, will organise the next treasure hunt, the date for which has yet to be fixed. Expect a few musical clues! Richard.

Smithy’s Treasure Hunt

25th February 2018

There were 24 of us meeting at Lo Monte Hotel to be sent on our way to find the treasure and an interesting drive unfolded with new roads and places to see on the way. We found an Eagle, a Plough,  a Mill and a cuco ! and many Almond trees with blossom a plenty and the sun shone for us. We finally found our way to our very enjoyable  lunch at San Marino, Campo Verde. Many thanks to Ian & Carol Smith for all their hard work in putting this together for us. A most enjoyable day.

Formentera Zig Zag 2018

Johnny came up with  the goods once again  and provided us with a very interesting and scenic drive which started and finished at El Cortijo restaurant in Formentera. The event was very well supported and twenty four cars took part and as usual we had a good mix of old, new, European, American, weird and wonderful.

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Phoenix Christmas Lunch 2017

Once again we had an excellent Christmas lunch at La Cosecha attended by 60 club members and 15 cars on the drive from San Miguel. Thanks to Johnny for that, an interesting drive through the fields connecting roads well off the main roads. We also had our Calendar given out to those who attended the lunch, this is our 2nd year with the calendar organised by Richard with club cars featuring. Next years will have club cars that are on the drives throughout the year.  If you were not at the lunch and would like a calendar PLEASE see Richard at the ACE. 

We wish you all a lovely Christmas. A happy and healthy New Year to all.

Look forward to seeing you all at one of the many events planned for next year.




21st November 2017: Ace Café to Santuario de Santa Eulalia de Merida (Totana)


10:00 and the temperature was 18°C, bright and sunny with no wind. Perfect for a drive! Some 17 cars arrived at the Ace Café, quite a mixture; capacities from 602cc to 5670, horsepower from 29 to 345, weight 600kg to 1570kg,Car ages 1 to 79!  . Members from the UK, Sweden,The Netherlands and France. Quite an assortment!

At 10:35 the convoy made its way through Los Montesenos and Torremendo onto flowing “A” roads passing, to our right, the azur blue of lake Pedrera; onwards to where the local signs say that snails are protected!. Through the almost dessert like “moonscape”, crossing into Murcia.

The next stretch was increasingly urban, through Torreaguer and Los Garres, skirting Algezares and La Alberca where speed limits of 50kph and the odd traffic light seemed to help keep us together. As we hit the first major roundabout just before El Palmar and indeed the staggered lights in El Palmar, here the convoy was split. The lead half dozen or so cars stopping a kilometre up the road allowing us all to regroup. Back to countryside, a further 6 kms (totalling 57kms) and we reached our coffee /comfort break at Sueños Cafeteria, Vereda de las Palmeras, 34, 30834 Murcia (37°55’29.5″N 1°13’37.7″W). Decent coffee and tapas; good bbq at the weekend.

A pleasant 23kms of country “A” roads took us into the outskirts of Alhama de Murcia where we drove under the railway line and joined the N-340a for a cruise towards Totana, the turn towards Aledo ending in a twisty climb to the Santuario de Santa Eulalia de Merida.

Nowhere on the route are there speed limits in excess of 90kph, indeed the 20 kilometres or so of the urban roads are restricted to 40 or 50kph.

The Santuario de Santa Eulalia de Merida cherishes Saint Eulalia, a devout Christian virgin who, aged 12–14, in contrast to the resurgence of Roman paganism. ran away to the law court of the governor Dacian at Emerita, professed herself a Christian, insulted the pagan gods and emperor Maximian, and challenged the authorities to martyr her. She was then stripped by the soldiers, tortured with hooks and torches, and burnt at the stake, suffocating from smoke inhalation, whilst taunting her torturers. As she died a dove flew from her mouth, frightening away the soldiers, whilst a miraculous snow fell covering her. She is regarded, in Catholicism, as the patron saint of snow (inclement weather) days.

The site was occupied from 1257 by the religious military order of Santiago, though the Sanctuary’s origins are from 1573, the murals, were begun around 1603and were refined throughout the 17th and 18th Century. As the church remains consecrated and offers numerous Sunday services a Sunday visit was not possible..

A 30 minute visit to the Sanctuary, where most seemed touched by the craftsmanship of the inverted boat like roof, the beauty of the murals, altarpiece and statues whilst a little perplexed by the model of 17th/18th century sailing ship hanging from the ceiling. Apparantly the later was offering from sailors to St. Eulaliafor safe voyages. Quite spectacular; a good example of one of the “hidden jems” of Spain.

We then backtrack 4 kilometres to the restaurant (Restaurante Venta la Rata, Carretera La Santa, 185, 37°47’13.6″N 1°31’30.2″W) whose extensive parking was available on this weekday. The restaurant is large and extremely busy but they, using soft partitions, isolated us from the hubbub of the largely Spanish diners. As we arrived, bread and allioli were there to sustain those until their further three courses arrived! The food and drink was to a good standard; atleast there were no complaints.

After the luncheon, three cars drove back towards the Sanctuary roundabout, turning left towards the Mirador del Corazon del Jesus (the large white statue of Christ, 37°47’51.8″N 1°33’11.2″W) up a largely single track, tortuous climb; quite unsuitable for the convoy. The views are spectacular, to the west; the castle at Aledo, to the south the valleys of Torrealvilla and Totana.

I would like to think that “a good day was had by all!”

Chris Grube



21st November 2017: Ace Café to Santuario de Santa Eulalia de Merida (Totana)





10th Birthday Lunch

The club celebrated its 10th Birthday with a very nice lunch at Mesón del Prado in San Miguel. Around sixty people attended and they were treated to a lovely meal and the afternoon was topped off with some singalong music in the background and some pressies in the form of a lucky dip raffle and the 10th anniversary car stickers.

Those members who were unable to attend may collect their stickers at a future Ace Cafe meeting.

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Patagonia Steakhouse (club BBq)

Excellent social event organised by Richard with a short interesting drive from our meeting at the ACE to La Marina .

Shaun and Gill and family joined us with the fabulous Duchess ( The Alvis ) very pleased to see them,

We were as promised suitably full (stuffed) having been served with bread & alioli Baked potato or chips and a platter of Chicken, Pork, Ribs, Black pud, Steak , & Sausage, Don’t think any one finished their platter

My Thanks to Richard & Sue For putting this together


Phoenix Car Club, Licor 43 drive, review, Saturday 17th June 2017

The weather omens were good; bright, clear, still and warm. At 09:30 it was 23°C and cloudless as eleven cars met at the Ace Café. After everyone seemed to take on board essential caffeine, the convoy eased onto the CV-945. Traffic was light and unusually the anticipated peleton were absent and progress was unhindered. Pedrera lake appeared almost turquoise, contrasting with the greens of the forest fringing the CV-925 and highlighting the succession of hairpins and bends which makes this road so attractive. A turn-off onto the RM-F24 and eventual crossing into Murcia heralded a dryer, less green environment. The only real “event” was being held up by a tractor and her slurry tank; too many in our convoy to safely overtake on the short straights that characterise RM-F24 but for the less patient or the more reckless our extended convey was barely an obstacle, merely a hindrance! Another 11 kilometres or so and we turned off into San Cayetano for a comfort break, chance for a decent coffee, for smokers to sin and the prudent convertible owners to apply sun cream! Time taken: 45 minutes, temperature now 28.5°C. A further 25 kilometres and as many minutes and we turned into the Licor 43 site; with no workers we could all park in the covered carpark. Read more »

Ace Cafe June 2017.

Many interesting cars at the June Ace Cafe including a batch of Minis, an interesting VW Beetle convertible, Tom’s Capri and a 205 Cti which will soon become a club member (well,it’s Mum and Dad anyway)






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Vega Baja Zig Zag.

Never was the title of  club drive so apt as Johnny’s Vega Baja Zig Zag. Never straying far from Crevillente we enjoyed a wonderful selection of rural roads and saw things that we had not seen in a very long time. At the pit stop at El Barranco Cayetano all you could hear was “Did you see this?” and” Did you see that?”. Bales of hay, goats, gardens, strange houses, farms and glorious scenery were all mentioned. Proof, were it needed, that a good drive over interesting roads is all you need for a successful day out. Never mind that we all went home hungry!





20 club members enjoyed a very pleasant evening of petanca and food on Thursday 18th of May. We met at the Ace Cafe and drove to El Mirador near Villamartín where the experts taught the novices how to play and then everyone got covered in dust and grit and we all had a jolly good time. The meal was excellent and we look forward to the Club Breakfast at the same venue in August. We have some photographs of the cars on the way to the venue but none of the petanca because the photographer’s hands were too dirty to handle the camera! Read more »

The May Ace Café at La Torre Hotel, Los Montesinos saw a welcome number of new cars as well as many regular club members cars. We are still playing with the new club website so expect some pictures shortly.

Picnic in the Park

Oh how lucky we were, the weather had been cold and windy the week before but that all went away for our day out in the sun, a very interesting drive put together by Chris and wife Angie and once again our thanks to them for our picnic in the park in Novelda


Ode to Olive

Eric Clarke

Olive not just any old van!
Olive was born on the 30.12.78 and her birth was registered in Vigo on 18.1.79 making her a true lady of Spain.
Olive has survived the long hot summers and cold winter nights for over 36 years and has really become part of the history of Spain.
I will let her tell you her own story in her words. Read more »