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Eric Clarke

JUST OUT OF THE BOX? YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT!! Having spent some time over the last three years in DUBAI we had almost given up hope of seeing classic cars except in museums, but this year we were lucky enough to be there when they held their second classic car show. Read more »

Citroen Type 7 Ou la la

Juan and Johanna Uhlmann

Citroen automobiles began In 1934.

Citroen presented their first front-wheel drive cars and started a revolution in auto production

Andre Citroen was very successful in drawing the public`s attention with elaborate publicity campaigns. In 1922, airplanes wrote the name “Citroen” in the sky over Paris; in 1925 the name “Citroen” could have been read on the Eiffel tower: 200,000 lightbulbs were necessary and several kilometers of cabling!
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Ernie and Valerie’s drive back to Spain in their new Figaro

Valerie Foster

On 27th September we set out for Spain and enjoyed a lovely drive through Ireland and France. Ernie did most of the driving and I navigated (did my best!). Driving through beautiful countryside we avoided the motorways and stopped off at some interesting places, such as Le Mont-Saint-Michel, an old town with narrow cobbled streets and an abbey, not too far from Cherbourg. It’s well worth a visit but be prepared for a steep climb to the top. Make sure you don’t park too near the entrance (as we did) unless you can run quickly. There was a warning announcing for people to return to their cars before the tide came in!
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Old barn new life

Posted by Nick Beamish

A recently retired New York man wanted to use his retirement funds wisely, decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal.

The modest farmhouse had been vacant for 15 years; the owner and wife both had died, and there were no heirs.

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Breaking Down – are you going to be stranded???

Written by Elaine Evans

At our Clubnight earlier this week, a number of members were upset that someone they knew had had an unfortunate experience when their classic car broke down a week or so ago. Apparently they were stranded in the blazing sun for a number of hours, and had great difficulty obtaining assistance from the grua.

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Classic Cars – Why do we love them?

Written by Jeff Sheridan

What is it about old cars that make us want to own one, or indeed for hundreds of thousands of people, to actually go out and buy one? OK they evoke memories of the past, reawakening the daydream we once perhaps had of owning one of the bright, new, shiny packages of chrome and steel that was called an E-Type Jaguar or an Austin Healey 3000.
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Buying a Battery

Posted by Neil Evans


1. Size matters! Purchasing a battery has become much easier because most of the battery and vehicle manufacturers have adopted the BCI Group Number as a standard for the battery`s voltage, physical size, terminal type and terminal location. It contains the vehicle`s minimum cold cranking amps (CCA) requirement and Battery Council International (BCI) Group Number replacement recommendations by make, model and year of manufacturer.
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Warning – driving your classic car can make you impotent….

Posted by Mel Baker

Can you hear me at the back there? No? You`re probably an open-top sports car driver or a motorcyclist then. You probably drive and your ears are ringing. That`s called a temporary threshold shift, which is a short-term hearing loss after exposure to loud, sustained noise. Most of the time it gets better, but sometimes` it doesn`t. As your hearing starts to worsen, you realise that DRIVING YOUR OPEN TOP CLASSIC CAR IS MAKING YOU DEAF.

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Tyre Safety Warning

Posted by Jeff Sheridan


A recent letter from Her Majesty�s Coroner for the County of Greater Manchester, addressed to FBHVC ( Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs ), reported on a fatal accident in June 2006 and drew attention to the danger of using old tyres.

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Treasure Hunt & Quiz

The club Treasure Hunt and Quiz took place on Sunday 19th Feb and attracted a very good entry of 19 cars. We met at the White Rose Tea Room near Cabo Roig and the route took us via La Fuente, Eagle`s Nest, San Miguel, Rebate and Pilar to a coffe break at Salt & Pepper on the N332. Onward then via San Pedro, San Javier, Santiago de la Ribera and Lo Pagan before returning to the lunch and prizegiving at Los Cucalos near Villamartin. Read more »

Jan Drive Santuario de Magdelena

34 Members met at the Meroil Station for the start of our first drive of the year. We set of from Callosa towards Hondon then to our coffee stop at Pinoso Residencial el Mirador
Refreshed, we set of once again to Novelda and the Santuri de Santa Maria. We had a Bracing walk from the car park to the church where the pipes of the to be restored organ were mechanically played, a really beautiful sound, We then headed to the restaurant for a very fine meal.
Unfortunately we were a little light on old timers but that was the weather, congratulations to those who took their pride and joy out for this run.

Longest Drive of the Year 20th Nov 2016

Fifteen cars arrived at the Elche Services on the E-15/A-70 in time to have a warming cup of coffee, including two new members, Bo and Britt-Marie Svensson in their pristine and original Dodge Business Coupe.
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Autumn Pink Gallop 20-23 Oct 2016


Autumn – “Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness”
 Well we did encounter some mist along the way, but not enough to detract from the spectacular views on the very scenic route to our destination, the Hotel Galatea on the outskirts of Ossa de Montiel in Albacete Province.
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Ricota Valley, A tribute drive to Eric Clarke.

The skies were not so clear when 31 members and friends gathered at Santomera Services for the Ricote Valley Drive – a tribute to Eric Clarke and one of his favourite drives. We were all delighted that Eric`s wife, Ann was able to join the drive, accompanied by Tony Botten and hope to see more of them in future.

As we turned off the motorway towards the lovely villages nestled within the valley, the skies cleared and the weather favoured us with blue skies.

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Club BBQ

37 Members attended this event at El Alto Dolores this unusual restaurant has a very large garden room where we were served last night, the food came the wine flowed, and proved to be an enjoyable evening.

Villena Castle 18 June 2016

First of all thanks to Trish Mansell and Bruce and Linda for their help in organising this trip and dealing with the local tourist information.

The route had to be changed,due to road works, but this gave us a later start and then an easy drive up to Villena.

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