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Costa Blanca (South) & Vega Baja

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Vega Baja Zig Zag.

Never was the title of  club drive so apt as Johnny’s Vega Baja Zig Zag. Never straying far from Crevillente we enjoyed a wonderful selection of rural roads and saw things that we had not seen in a very long time. At the pit stop at El Barranco Cayetano all you could hear was “Did you see this?” and” Did you see that?”. Bales of hay, goats, gardens, strange houses, farms and glorious scenery were all mentioned. Proof, were it needed, that a good drive over interesting roads is all you need for a successful day out. Never mind that we all went home hungry!





20 club members enjoyed a very pleasant evening of petanca and food on Thursday 18th of May. We met at the Ace Cafe and drove to El Mirador near Villamartín where the experts taught the novices how to play and then everyone got covered in dust and grit and we all had a jolly good time. The meal was excellent and we look forward to the Club Breakfast at the same venue in August. We have some photographs of the cars on the way to the venue but none of the petanca because the photographer’s hands were too dirty to handle the camera! Read more »

The May Ace Café at La Torre Hotel, Los Montesinos saw a welcome number of new cars as well as many regular club members cars. We are still playing with the new club website so expect some pictures shortly.

Picnic in the Park

Oh how lucky we were, the weather had been cold and windy the week before but that all went away for our day out in the sun, a very interesting drive put together by Chris and wife Angie and once again our thanks to them for our picnic in the park in Novelda


Ode to Olive

Eric Clarke

Olive not just any old van!
Olive was born on the 30.12.78 and her birth was registered in Vigo on 18.1.79 making her a true lady of Spain.
Olive has survived the long hot summers and cold winter nights for over 36 years and has really become part of the history of Spain.
I will let her tell you her own story in her words. Read more »

The Antic Car Club of Catalunia
Eric Clarke


Barcelona has many tourist attractions, but when you tire of Gaudi – “all Gaudied out” as a friend used to say, take a visit to a very private antique car club, it is not actually a museum. The adventure starts with a call to Thomas who is the chief archivist, he speaks some English and will make your reservation. Most visits take place in the evening and once arranged take a Taxi to 182 VIA AUGUSTA, to the north of the Av. Diagonal. It is situated in an underground car park, which doesn´t bode well, but on arrival all doubts are dispelled. The highly polished front door opens into a stately boardroom, bar and a collection of rare model cars. Read more »

Not One for the MG Purist!

Peter Dickson

When I was back in the U.K. in May, I called in on an old friend of mine, Colin Walker, who lives in the Derbyshire village of Tideswell. Having been an Oil and Gas exploration engineer for over 40 years, Colin started on a bold project about 4 years ago now with the aim of getting a very old car to exceed the 200 mph mark. He purchased a 1953 MGA and along with his motor engineer cousin, began the long, painful and, by all accounts, very expensive process of re-building this vehicle with the eventual aim of taking it to the Salt Flats in Bonneville, Utah. The car was completely stripped down and a 5 litre Ford engine purchased to create the power source needed.
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Automotive parts translated English/Spanish

The link below gives access to a site with a very useful translation of automotive parts from English to Spanish.

We hope you will find this useful.

NOTE: The Club is reliant upon the information/photographs supplied by members and, although every care goes into the management of the web site, the information is supplied by third parties. Therefore, the Club can accept no legal liability for any omissions, misunderstandings, errors, infringement of copyright laws or claims made by a user of any of these articles.

A Continental Journey

Richard O Rourke

About halfway down through France, in darkness and driving rain I asked myself was I mad or what? I didn’t dare answer the question in case I might arrive at the wrong conclusion so I just carried on but have no doubt, dear reader and fellow club member, I was seriously concerned about my sanity. How did I find myself in this situation in early December, driving a fully laden MX5 from Ireland to Spain with nobody for company except Maggie, the Sat Nav voice and a cuddly toy in the shape of the Munster Rugby mascot. I spoke to both ! Frequently ! Read more »

Ethanol in Petrol/Gasolina

Karl Neunzer

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

The debate over the proposed increase to up to 10% of ethanol in petrol in 2013 is a major worry for enthusiasts.The Federation believes that E5 (5% ethanol fuel) should not be phased out in 2013 – its widespread availability should continue for the foreseeable future- and that consideration should be given for maintaining a supply of E0 fuel for Historic vehicles. Read more »

An Arabian Adventure – or how not to get washed down a wadi

Eric and Ann Clarke


With the water forcing its way in the doors and the 4×4 Jeep moving sideways like a wounded crab – we were not making much headway! was it a wise decision to try and get through the flood?? The saying that more people die in the desert of flash floods, than of thirst crossed my mind. Read more »


Eric Clarke

JUST OUT OF THE BOX? YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT!! Having spent some time over the last three years in DUBAI we had almost given up hope of seeing classic cars except in museums, but this year we were lucky enough to be there when they held their second classic car show. Read more »

Citroen Type 7 Ou la la

Juan and Johanna Uhlmann

Citroen automobiles began In 1934.

Citroen presented their first front-wheel drive cars and started a revolution in auto production

Andre Citroen was very successful in drawing the public`s attention with elaborate publicity campaigns. In 1922, airplanes wrote the name “Citroen” in the sky over Paris; in 1925 the name “Citroen” could have been read on the Eiffel tower: 200,000 lightbulbs were necessary and several kilometers of cabling!
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Ernie and Valerie’s drive back to Spain in their new Figaro

Valerie Foster

On 27th September we set out for Spain and enjoyed a lovely drive through Ireland and France. Ernie did most of the driving and I navigated (did my best!). Driving through beautiful countryside we avoided the motorways and stopped off at some interesting places, such as Le Mont-Saint-Michel, an old town with narrow cobbled streets and an abbey, not too far from Cherbourg. It’s well worth a visit but be prepared for a steep climb to the top. Make sure you don’t park too near the entrance (as we did) unless you can run quickly. There was a warning announcing for people to return to their cars before the tide came in!
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Old barn new life

Posted by Nick Beamish

A recently retired New York man wanted to use his retirement funds wisely, decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal.

The modest farmhouse had been vacant for 15 years; the owner and wife both had died, and there were no heirs.

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Breaking Down – are you going to be stranded???

Written by Elaine Evans

At our Clubnight earlier this week, a number of members were upset that someone they knew had had an unfortunate experience when their classic car broke down a week or so ago. Apparently they were stranded in the blazing sun for a number of hours, and had great difficulty obtaining assistance from the grua.

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