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Phoenix Car Club

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10 Years Anniversary Phoenix Car Club

10 year Anniversary Trip to Villahermosa, Castilla La Mancha 26th – 30th October 2017


The 10 years anniversary trip is going to be a nice one. We have arranged to stay at Hotel Finca Las Beatas in the Castilla La Mancha region.

They have all the services needed after long days out driving. When we come back to the hotel they can offer more exercise if wanted on the tennis court, or maybe you prefer the outdoor pool or recreation areas. There is also a large bar and separate restaurant.

I will not hesitate to say that this is going to be an opportunity for many of the Phoenix Car Clubs members.
As you can see , the trip is from 26th of October to 30th of October. This means that many of our club members may have the possibility to participate, as the dates fall over a weekend.

Please have a look on their web page at for further information and some nice pictures.
At the top right side of the Hotels webpage, click on “idiomas” to change the language to English.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are participating. As usual, first come first served.

Double room goes at 70 euro per night
Single room goes at 50 euro per night
Breakfast included

Dinner weekdays 14,95 euro per person
Dinner weekends 25,00 euro per person

If wanted a special menu/dinner can be arranged – ask for and stipulate.

Any allergies, gluten free food needed, or other food intolerance, is not a problem.
I have talked to the Chef, and he is quite prepared to follow any of your dietary requirements.

Other guests will be at the hotel at the same time.

This hotel also permits dog owners to bring their pet, if wanted.

Some mathematics :      4 nights at 70e = 280e per couple
4 nights at 50e = 200e per single

The single room is a double room, but for use for one person only.
The hotel has 2 double rooms specially made for disabled people, if any should prefer, at no additional cost. Just let me know!

The hotel has good quality rooms, television in every room, nice firm beds, big bathrooms, and free WiFi.

As for the cars – they get to be parked under roof everyday, or should I say every night, as we will be occupied driving around in this wonderful landscape of Castilla La Mancha on different prepared day trips.


Trish, Rachel and Johnny