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Phoenix Car Club

Costa Blanca (South) & Vega Baja


Alan and Sandra

This particular vehicle is an import, with more toys & power than the UK model.
It was imported into the UK on 12th December 1998 on Reg No. J440HCB We flew back to the UK & bought it from a man in Harlow, Essex on the 20th March 2007, drove it back to Spain a week later, without a hitch, Registered onto Spanish plates Reg No. 5613 FVG, on 25th August 2007, at present undergoing an ongoing refurbishment. Not as easy as it sounds, as only 3 mk2`s have ever been sold in the whole of Spain including the Canary Islands, so all the parts have to come from the UK. (THANK YOU EBAY!!)

Brief Vehicle History – TOYOTA MR2 MK2

The name MR2 stands for Mid-engined, Runabout 2 seater. Also affectionately known as Mister 2, in France it was changed to Coupe MR as MR2 sounds like merdeux, which means ‘shitty’. The MR2 design is thought to be an abandoned Lotus design, taken over by Toyota & hand built in the Yamaha factory at a build rate of about 2000 per month.