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Antic Car Club of Catalunia

The Antic Car Club of Catalunia
Eric Clarke


Barcelona has many tourist attractions, but when you tire of Gaudi – “all Gaudied out” as a friend used to say, take a visit to a very private antique car club, it is not actually a museum. The adventure starts with a call to Thomas who is the chief archivist, he speaks some English and will make your reservation. Most visits take place in the evening and once arranged take a Taxi to 182 VIA AUGUSTA, to the north of the Av. Diagonal. It is situated in an underground car park, which doesn´t bode well, but on arrival all doubts are dispelled. The highly polished front door opens into a stately boardroom, bar and a collection of rare model cars.

After an introduction by Thomas,you can then wander and wonder unescorted round a collection of beautiful and well cherished cars that I will not attempt to describe in detail. There are no information boards to help with many of the lessor known makes, but from Hispano Sulza, Bugatti, Pegaso through to Jaguar, Bentley and Fiat, they make up very pleasing browsing time. It will also increase your knowledge of cars including those of Spanish manufacture.
Thomas is on hand if required to answer questions and to open up his Archive of over 20,000 books, which would make Lord Montague of Beaulieu envious.

Remember this is not a museum, but a long established gentleman´s club.
Ladies of course, are very welcome
There is no charge for entry, but there is a donation box.
No photography is allowed.

Thomas´s phone number is 34 932095523