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Ethanol in Petrol/Gasolina

Karl Neunzer

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

The debate over the proposed increase to up to 10% of ethanol in petrol in 2013 is a major worry for enthusiasts.The Federation believes that E5 (5% ethanol fuel) should not be phased out in 2013 – its widespread availability should continue for the foreseeable future- and that consideration should be given for maintaining a supply of E0 fuel for Historic vehicles. There are real concerns about corrosion that may be caused by ethanol in fuel- the Federation was among the first to raise such issues and how these might be tackled. We have begun a 13- week test programme for stability additives to counteract ethanol’s hygroscopic effects and those that pass could carry the FBHVC logo, much as was done with the lead- replacement additives several years ago. It is easy for owners to convince themselves that their vehicles run better or worse as a result of the fuel, additive or device that the are using. If anyone can produce evidence that the performance of an engine has deteriorated as a result of using ethanol in petrol we will look into it. At present however, we do not feel that it would be right to use members funds to investigate something that all our current advice suggests is not a significant problem. We are endeavouring to obtain an independent view on this issue to provide reassurance and will keep or members updated.