Phoenix Car Club

Phoenix Car Club

Costa Blanca (South) & Vega Baja


Jos and Hans

The Car is a MGB Roadster, 1800 cc, chrome bumper, that was born in July 1973 in Texas (USA) and was used for 19 years as daily transport by a staff member of the University of Texas. In 1992, with 100 K miles on the clock, it was brought to Holland and had some minor restorations, such as a spray over from Harvest Gold to British Racing Green, a new propeller shaft, alternator, a new radiator and some hoses.


Unlucky for us now, they removed the air-condition unit as well. After a period of 6 years in a garage, used only once a year for the ITV inspection, we bought the car in 1998 and started using it as members of the Dutch MG Car Club for Club Drives and short holidays. Since then, every winter we have done some restorations, new brakes, a Lead Free cylinder head, new rear spring packages and front suspension bushings, new distributor cap and cables, new RVS exhaust and finally two new leather seats. In total we drove some 20 K miles in it before we came to live in Spain in August 2009. It took us 9 months to get all the paper work done so we could use the car here in Spain and become members of The Phoenix Car Club.