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Phoenix Car Club

Costa Blanca (South) & Vega Baja

Sleeping lady & Murcia villages

Farms, Sleeping lady & Pretty Spanish villages 

Well with the forecasters telling us we were in for a blasting we did not know if we should abandon this drive, however we held our nerve and at the start on Sunday morning we just had a little drizzle, by the time we were at our coffee stop we had been in sunshine for some time and what a fantastic day. We drove through farms numerous villages with a real flavour of old Spain. We arrived at the foot of the statue of Christ on a huge rock with outstretched arms in the village of  Monteagudo ( we have all seen it if you go to Ikea Murcia ). We then travelled on to our lunch stop at Sucina where we were given a somewhat leisurely lunch but it was all well worth waiting for.

Many thanks to Ian and Carol for a lovely drive.