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Tony and Jean

Ford Mustang V8 GT Coupe (Scarlet Lady)

Having had two Mustangs a 1988 GT convertible and a 1995 GT Coupe whilst living and working in the Middle East, on settling in Spain we decided to look for another one. We found this one a 1997 4.6 GT Coupe, through auto trader in the UK in April of 2005. On route from the Middle East to Spain, I stopped off in the UK and with my wife drove the car down to Plymouth, across by ferry to Santander stopping off in Toledo and then onto the Costa Blanca.

The Mustang was an import to the UK from Japan where it spent most of its life, after being originally exported there from the Ford Dearborn Plant in the USA. It has a 4.6ltr V8 modular engine with an automatic 4-speed gearbox. The car is an ongoing project, improving the performance and upgrading the original spec. Since acquiring the car It has been featured in the American 5.0 Mustang Magazine October 2006 reader’s cars section.